How to Care For Your Gloves

How to Care For Your Gloves

Beautifully made and well fitting gloves can last a lifetime. So learning the best fit and ways to make sure your gloves are properly cared for is imperative to their longevity.

Caring For Your Gloves

Gloves are an accessory that elevate your experiences from the moment they glide across your skin. They shift your sensory experience and act as the point of contact between you and the outside world. They are, also, a stunning testament to personal style and expression. 

Beautifully made and well fitting gloves can last a lifetime. So learning the best fit and ways to make sure your gloves are properly cared for is imperative to their longevity.

Choosing a Pair of Gloves (size and fit)

When you’re looking to purchase a pair of gloves, there are more things to keep in mind than function and your style preferences. Making sure you choose the right size glove will ensure comfort and functionality. Be sure to choose the right size for you with this helpful guide. Keep in mind, a new pair of leather gloves should feel comfortably snug on your hand during the first wear. Over time the quality leather will mold to the unique shape of your hand giving the perfect fit.

Putting On a Pair of Gloves

Just like everything else, there is a way to put on and take off a pair of gloves so that you are not accidentally damaging them. When putting on a pair of gloves it is best to gently pull the glove over your hand by alternating between pulling from the palm and the back of the hand towards the wrist. Be careful not to tug too hard and make sure to not push the glove down from between the fingers (doing so may put unnecessary strain on the stitching along the finger).

When taking off a glove, gently pull the glove from your hand by the individual glove fingers until there is enough space to grab three or four at a time. When you are able, delicately pull the glove off of your hand so as to not put undue strain on one part of the glove.

How to Store Gloves Properly

Keep Dry

Natural materials - especially light colored silks, wools, and non-washable leathers - can stain if exposed to water and other kinds of moisture. To protect from stains, keep your gloves dry. If they do get wet, let them air dry on a flat surface with an absorbent piece of material such as a towel underneath to absorb any water. Allow the glove to dry out of sunlight so as to protect the color of the glove.

Be sure to not utilize tools such as a hair dryer or heater to speed up the process of drying your wet glove as it can damage the natural materials and cause damage.

Store Properly

Whenever you are ready to store your gloves - either for the season or for the day - store them in a cool, dry, and dark ventilated area. Be sure to keep the gloves flat when they are put away so that they do not form wrinkles and become misshapen. 

If you are storing leather gloves, keep them in a cloth dust bag as the leather will do best when stored in a breathable material.

Wear Them Again

If you have had a leather glove stored for the season and are ready to take it out and wear it again, there is the possibility that you need to fix the elasticity of the leather. Because leather is a natural material, the elasticity of the leather may shift over a bit of time. This can cause your gloves to not fit exactly the same as they used to. Don’t worry, however, as this is natural and can be easily fixed.

To return elasticity to your leather gloves if they feel a bit tight after a long period with our wear, gently stretch them over the edge of a table. To do so, hold the cuff opening at the bottom and the fingers at the top. Starting at the tip of the fingers, stretch gently downward towards the cuff of the glove. Repeat this process two to three times for the back of the glove and repeat the process for the fingers and thumb.

Keep in mind the delicate nature of a stunningly crafted pair of gloves and make sure to handle them with delicate care.