Seymoure - Marie Claire

Seymoure - Marie Claire

Seymoure Gloves: The Perfect
Accessory for a Busy Life

Yara Shahidi  | The Voice of a Generation
“We’re in a time in which we’re no longer settling for reform, but genuine reimagination.”

Yara Shahidi, the preternaturally poised actress, is no stranger to the demands of a busy life. As a college senior at Harvard University, the co-founder of 7th Sun Productions, and a sought-after actress in Hollywood, Shahidi knows what it takes to stay on top of her game.

And when it comes to accessorizing her busy life, Shahidi knows that Seymoure Gloves is the perfect choice. Made from high-quality leather and lined with soft cashmere, these gloves are both stylish and practical.

Whether battling a pollen-induced allergy attack or simply running from one meeting to the next, Seymoure Gloves provides the perfect blend of comfort and authenticity. And with a variety of colors and styles, there's something for everyone.

So why not take a cue from Yara Shahidi and add Seymoure Gloves to your wardrobe? They're the perfect accessory for a busy life, providing both style and functionality in one chic package. Don't let the demands of a busy life get you down – with Seymoure Gloves, you can face anything that comes your way with style, authenticity and grace.

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