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Former 'SATC' Stylist Patricia Field Talks to 'And Just Like That' ... Costume Designer 'All the Time'

Patricia Field may not be returning to style the new Sex and the City reboot, but she'll be tuning in to watch like the rest of us

Once a Sex and the City fan, always a Sex and the City fan.

Patricia Field is a legendary costume designer who has made a name for herself in the luxury fashion industry. She is best known for styling all six seasons of "Sex and the City" and the two subsequent films. However, Field did not return for the HBO Max reboot, "And Just Like That..." Instead, she passed the baton on to Molly Rogers, who has worked with Field since the start of the show.

Field is still close with Rogers and expressed her confidence in Rogers' ability to lead the costume department for the reboot. She also mentioned that the concept of the cast being older was a new one that she wouldn't have gone for, stating that she wouldn't have allowed them to look old.

While the reboot was being filmed, Field was busy designing looks for another beloved stylish TV character, Emily Cooper from "Emily in Paris." The show is back for a second season on Netflix, and Field has been busy designing the new must-have accessory for her fans through her Seymoure glove collection.

Field's collaboration with Seymoure Gloves came about because of her love for gloves and her missing them as a fashion accessory. She saw an opportunity to put gloves on actress Lily Collins, who plays Emily, and thus began her collaboration with Seymoure Gloves. The Seymoure glove collection is a testament to Field's dedication to luxury fashion and her passion for fashion accessories that make a statement.

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