The Seymoure life.

A sustainable brand for the travelers, 
shakers, movers, and makers.  
Where quality matters, and quantity doesn’t. 
Where we gravitate toward the finer things, 
and aren’t shy about it. 
Where love matters, and the difference doesn't. 
Where we always make time for the people 
who know us best and care for us most.   
Where action matters, and silence doesn’t. 
Where we take it upon ourselves to live more, 
SAY-more and SEE-more.  
Crafted from high-quality materials, 
and thoughtfully designed down to 
the very last stitch.  
Grab your gloves, and let’s go live it.  


 About Seymoure:

Founded in 2020 by a trio of innovative, creative, working moms, Seymoure is a glove brand established on the principles of responsible luxury and smart sustainability. Each pair is thoughtfully crafted using the finest materials and offers natural UV protection. The natural dyes and fibers used throughout the assortment lend themselves to the feel of a second skin with touch-screen capabilities. All gloves are mindfully packaged using recycled materials.

DO More.



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