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Washable Leather

For those who play dirty.

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For those who appreciate a little luxury while on the go, from features on Netflix to the printed pages of WSJ and Marie Claire, see where your favorite gloves have been featured.

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The world has become too casual, and people have become lazy. There was a time when people went on the airplane with gloves. It’s about the gloves, O.K., darling? It’s about the gloves. Listen

Andre Leon Tally, Vanity Fair September Issue


Women's Tech Gallery Glove

Created with 100% sustainable Wool, and designed with our own unique vintage wave trim.

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Men's Collection

Heritage designs for the modern man.

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Statement Gloves

Sleek slouchy leather runway gloves are shaped in a statement-making length, these charming American gloves are built from supple leather for exceptional appeal.

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Ethically Sourced

Our brand and manufacturing is built from sustainable living practices with diversity and equality.

Made in the USA

Seymoure sources thoughtfully crafted materials and ethically sourced leather. Our gloves are hand cut and Made in the USA.