Seymoure leather gloves

Our Story

Founded in 2020, Seymoure Luxury Group embodies the innovative vision and conscious spirit of its founder and CEO, Melissa Meister. Powering a range of unique brands, including Seymoure Classic, Seymoure, Maison Seymoure, and Seymoure Ceremony. The group supports its portfolio in the development of authentic, individual concepts and a sustainable approach to luxury across accessories and lifestyle. The group has pioneered a modern conception of personal sophistication, enriching the world of fashion with its unconditional dedication to design, combining elegance and purity with innovative materials and refined craftsmanship. Daring to think differently, Seymoure Luxury Group is boldly shaping a new vision of luxury; one that offers powerful and genuine connections and inspires people to assert their individuality.


All gloves will come packaged in 100% Recycled LDPE (GRS certified) + Biodegradable polybag. We are using recycled content for the actual plastic, plus adding in a biodegradable polymer to speed up biodegradation in landfill conditions. The card insert is developed with the most sustainable and responsible inks and paper available.

Our Values

We define craftsmanship as an intelligent use of materials that unites function with beauty, heritage with technology. Due to the uniqueness of the leather, each glove is exceptional, just as every person is an individual. As such, each glove is assigned a unique serial number and notation indicating its composition. Therefore, it can be identified for decades to come where the gloves were made.

"Seymoure Luxury Group was created out of a mission to drive connection through the love of life and design. We inspire modern, conception of personal sophistication, combining innovative and conscious materials with refined cratsmanship. I believe luxury is the experience, quality is the detail that matters and how you feel makes the moment, living is the best life accessory you can have."

- Melissa Meister, Founder & CEO

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