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Elevate Your Halloween with Opera Gloves

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A Note From Our Founder:

This Fall,  I’m looking to Seymoure’s Runway Nylon Opera Glove for an elegant Halloween option that can be worn all through the fall. Every year I dread costume season– What will I be? How many parties will I attend? What can I invest in that I will love and wear again and again?

It came to me that an elbow-length opera glove is the accessory I want to carry me through all autumn festivities, starting with Halloween. Wearing a pair of our Runway Opera Gloves gives you an instant sense of excitement and drama.

I’m inspired by all of the iconic women and characters who have donned a pair of opera gloves and hope to inject your fall season with a dose of modern sophistication. If you’re in need of inspiration for your upcoming Halloween soireés, keep reading!


Today, we spotlight our pièce de résistance, the Recycled Nylon Extended Runway Glove. Designed not just as a tribute to iconic styles, but also as a testament to sustainable luxury, these designer gloves resonate with those who desire statement pieces with a conscience.

While they effortlessly integrate into high-glam Halloween looks, the allure of these gloves extends far beyond October 31st. They are an impeccable addition to any evening ensemble, transcending occasions and seasons.



Audrey Hepburn

1. Classic Hollywood Starlet: Audrey Reimagined

Step into any room echoing the grace of Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's":

  • A form-fitted, yet relaxed black dress, tastefully skimming below the knees.
  • Distinctive oversized sunglasses - a nod to an era of unabashed glamour.
  • Subtle pearls, for that refined touch.
  • A casually chic updo, a blend of deliberate style and breezy spontaneity.
  • With our gloves accentuating your gestures, you're not just dressing for an event; you’re embodying an ambiance.

2. Cruella de Vil: Edgy Elegance 

This look pays homage to the bold, rebellious and avant garde:

  • A monochrome faux fur wrap or stole, draped with nonchalance.
  • Sultry red stilettos that subtly steal the show.
  • A contrasting black and white hair streak, worn with ease.
  • The Recycled Nylon Extended Runway Glove is the sophisticated finish, elevating the ensemble from audacious to artfully elegant.

3. 1920s Flapper: A Nod to the Jazz Age

Envision a sultry evening at a contemporary jazz lounge with a '20s flapper influenced look:

  • A flapper dress, subtly shimmering under the dim lights.
  • Feathered accessories, used sparingly to elevate, not overwhelm.
  • Pearls, reimagined – perhaps as an ankle bracelet or a modern choker.
  • When adorned with Seymoure's gloves, you're the modern muse of any curated event.

4. The Elegant Witch: An Ethereal Presence

Drawing inspiration from "American Horror Story: Coven" but with a touch of relaxed modernity:

  • Layers of fine black fabric, creating a silhouette that dances with every step.
  • A reinterpreted witch's hat - perhaps a wide-brimmed fedora in velvety black.
  • Gemstone accessories, worn with a casual elegance.
  • Together with our gloves, this ensemble speaks of magic, but in a language of today's sartorial subtleties.

5. Morticia Addams: Gothic Yet Gracious

Morticia's charm lies in the juxtaposition of her intense aura with delicate features:

  • A whispering black silk gown.
  • Sleek hair, parted at the center, framing the face with a gentle fall.
  • A muted, smoky makeup palette to accentuate natural beauty.
  • With Seymoure’s gloves, this look transcends from vintage gothic to runway-ready.

The Recycled Nylon Extended Runway Glove is an ode to the timeless, a testament to the present, and a gesture to a sustainable future. For the discerning individual who values both trendsetting and tradition, Seymoure gloves aren’t just an accessory, but a nuanced narrative for your hands.

Join us in celebrating style that knows no season. Elegance isn't an event; it's an ethos. And with Seymoure, it's always at your fingertips.