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Seymoure's Women's Driving Gloves are the finest in the world. Where classic design meets a chic and modern style, timeless accessories reimagined for today's adventurous souls. Crafted with attention to detail, these gloves are a testament to the fusion of heritage craftsmanship and present style. Seymoure's commitment to quality and sustainable luxury breathes new life into the classic, making it both timeless and prevalent.
The Evolution of The Driving Glove | Purpose to Attitude
Initially, Driving Gloves were created with a purpose - to grip and turn the unpowered steering wheel. This evolution transformed a need into a feeling. The desire to have a connection and feel the control of fast luxury cars. This still holds true, yet the driving glove has evolved into a gorgeous and sexy accessory to a life filled with adventure and exploration, car or no car.
Driving Gloves are the focal point, the attitude, and the fierce appeal to every moment in time. Once only available in muted colors, the Driving Glove will stand out more than the sports coat or the cashmere sweater, as The Seymoure  Women's Driving Gloves come in an array of bright, light, bold, and traditional colors.

When we design and create Seymoure Driving Gloves, it is always a labor of love. We take our time through every process. Our craftsmen and craftswomen dedicate their expertise solely to the art of glove-making because this product is truly specialized. Each pair of Driving Gloves undergoes a meticulous process, taking approximately four to five hours of artisanal work. This traditional method may be over a century old but carries modern technology with a sustainable ethos, making it perfect for the fashion-conscious glove enthusiast.
The journey of creating all Seymoure gloves begins with our carefully sourced leather. Before the construction begins, our artisans inspect and hand-stretch the leather, ensuring that only the finest materials are used. We continue the tradition of excellence by utilizing vintage die-cuts, which we have simply modernized. These dies have crafted classic Driving Gloves for generations. Our factory partners, a family-owned business in its third generation, bring decades of expertise to each pair. Our partners are certified with The ISO 14001 requirements, which measure and control organizations to manage and improve environmental issues, emphasizing waste reduction.

What sets Seymoure gloves apart is the personal touch at every step of the process. The leather is inspected and hand-stretched. Next, each pair is individually table-cut by a glove master, ensuring precision and detail. From cutting to stitching, the skilled artisan's hands are integral to creating a product of unparalleled quality. To reflect the uniqueness of each pair, we assign a unique identification number, as no two pairs are alike – just like our diverse and discerning customers.

Our driving gloves are a true embodiment of luxury, thanks to the use of certified and sustainably sourced Italian leather. Our super-soft leather pampers your hands and molds itself to create a custom fit, ensuring unparalleled comfort on all your journeys. We take pride in our sustainable practices, knowing that each glove is an extension of our dedication to the environment. Every last detail, down to our packaging and paper materials, is carefully considered as it is our commitment and values to deliver the finest sustainable luxury product available.
Seymoure is more than just a brand; it's a statement of style and responsibility. Our driving gloves are made for individuals who not only appreciate fashion but also care deeply about the world around them. By choosing Seymoure, you're embracing timeless elegance, supporting sustainable practices, and preserving traditional craftsmanship.

In a world where fashion meets conscience, Seymoure driving gloves are the perfect companion – a classic reinvented for the modern age and designed with a commitment to quality, luxury, and sustainability. Elevate your individual self and experience Seymoure, where tradition meets innovation, and style meets substance.

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