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The Fingerless Driving Glove

Women's Fingerless Driving Gloves 


Seymoure's Women's Fingerless Gloves are a combination of extravagant style, eco-conscious methods, and artisanal mastery intertwined. Our fingerless gloves are meticulously created to make a statement in today's modern world. When you wear a pair of Seymoure's Fingerless Gloves, your energy rises, your style is confident, and you're empowered to seize the day with fingers free for life's modern technology needs.

No other Seymoure glove has the attitude and the personality that the Fingerless Gloves do. You feel as though the wind is blowing in your face, and the sun shines on your back, revealing the essence of who you've always known yourself to be.

Fingerless Gloves were initially designed for practicality to protect your hand while exposing your fingers for tasks requiring precision. In the 1980s, the fingerless glove evolved into a stylish, edgier look, providing a way to wear gloves with stylish rings. This look became popular and was worn daily by the late and great Karl Lagerfeld. He made the fingerless glove look like eccentric couture and elevated it from the "working glove." Many fashion icons, such as our partner and collaborator Patricia Field, continue to wear the fingerless glove. Patricia and her love for Fingerless Gloves led to the resurgence of gloves and their popularity because of her recent success in designing the Emily in Paris series. Seymoure co-designed and produced these fingerless gloves with Patricia for the series. Next, Patricia Field and Seymoure launched our best-selling fingerless gloves - The Emily Glove. Patricia Field x Seymoure fingerless gloves are available in many bright colors, while our classic Seymoure Fingerless Gloves are sleek and cool.

Fingerless Gloves continue to have a young, fresh, and confident look, making them Seymoure's most popular style. Today's tech-minded generation has combined fingerless gloves with their original purpose (using devices) and fused it with fashion. For those looking for something really unique and special, The Seymoure Statement Fingerless Designer Gloves are hand-embellished. Each crystal or stud is individually placed and set by hand, making this style the most elevated to the one-of-a-kind craftsmanship we deliver.

Our fingerless gloves are individually handmade, embracing a devotion to a practice of generations now nearly lost. The way our gloves are made is a testament to the artistry and history of a centuries-old accessory. We have kept the process intact while elevating this extraordinary accessory to modern times.
The extraordinary artistry that defines our fingerless gloves is guided by our skilled craftsmen, who have dedicated their lives to the art of glove-making, intricately shaping each pair, using time-honored techniques passed down through generations. The attention to every stitch showcases their expertise, resulting in timeless, enduring, and exquisitely unique fingerless gloves.
Thoughtfully designed with equal measures of comfort and flexibility for life.
Only the most remarkably sourced Italian leather and hardware are used to craft these exceptional quality Fingerless Gloves. Our ethically sourced leather is hand-stretched and inspected, ensuring a flawless and timeless accessory that effortlessly molds to the contours of your hand. At Seymoure, we firmly believe in integrating style and sustainability seamlessly without compromise. Our collection of designer gloves effortlessly merges luxury with a conscientious approach, offering a discerning choice for modern, fashion-conscious individuals.
Every pair of Seymoure's fingerless gloves is a unique work of art, distinguished by its own identification number. This individual touch reflects the exclusivity and craftsmanship that goes into each pair. Like each person is unique, each pair of Seymoure gloves is unique in nature. Each Seymoure artisan invests several hours of skilled work in ensuring a product of unmatched quality for every pair of gloves. This specialization allows us to perfect each style down to the smallest detail.

Take a journey of spirit with Seymoure's Women's Fingerless Glove Collection and immerse yourself in the ultimate collaboration of magnificence, sustainability, and craftsmanship.

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