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Men's Statement Gloves 

The Statement Glove by Seymoure is the modern and refined interpretation of the classic Opera Glove for men. This distinctive piece continues to embody timeless elegance and sophistication in both length and style, now infused with an attitude of inviting confidence. Originally reserved for formal affairs, the Statement Glove has been reimagined for your personal adventures, suited for any time or season in life.

Once solely considered evening attire, The Statement Glove exudes an aura of excitement with a sense of charisma, confidence, and style. With a striking length that extends elegantly above the elbow, the Statement Glove can instantly elevate your demeanor and define your style with intent, regardless of your outfit. They infuse vitality, expression, and undeniable attention to your presence, ensuring every moment becomes a statement.

Opera gloves, now refined interpretation of the Statement Glove were initially associated with high society in Hollywood, symbolizing purity and glamour.  Similarly, now and then, you'll find yourself reluctant to step out without your Gloves, as this statement accessory transcends from streetwear to the red carpet, from casual ensembles to formal attire. Men's Statement Gloves accentuate your existing style and emotions, akin to the stars atop the tree — what we fondly call arm candy.

Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, Seymoure's Statement Gloves are exclusively made from Italy's finest luxury materials, ethically sourced and sustainable. The painstaking craftsmanship in the creation of Seymoure Gloves is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Each pair of gloves is individually table-cut by a master craftsman, ensuring unrivaled precision and excellence. Before the crafting process begins, both our ethically sourced leather and Globally Certified GRS Sustainable Recycled Nylon undergo rigorous inspections to meet our six certifications. We deliver nothing short of perfection, guaranteed.

Seymoure's dedication to sustainable luxury lies at the heart of our company's ethos. Our certified ethically sourced Italian leather is not just luxuriously soft but also molds itself to your hand, offering a custom fit for unparalleled comfort — tailored to you. For our eco-conscious clients, we present gloves spun from the highest grade recycled nylon material, certified across multiple sustainability categories and lauded for their environmental responsibility. Every luxurious fabric, trim, and packaging element is thoughtfully sourced, in partnership with mills that share our commitment to conscious production. We've revived and shaped vintage die-cuts for a classic modern style. Our partners are renowned for their decades-long legacy of artisanal handmade gloves. We work exclusively with a third-generation, family-owned factory and are certified with The ISO 14001 requirements, which guide organizations to manage and improve environmental issues, particularly waste reduction.

Every pair of Men's Statement Gloves by Seymoure is a unique masterpiece, distinguished by its identification number. This personalized touch reflects the exclusivity and craftsmanship embedded in each pair. Just as each person is unique, each pair of Seymoure gloves is inherently distinct. Every Seymoure artisan invests numerous hours of skilled work to ensure a product of unmatched quality for each pair of gloves. This specialization enables us to perfect each style down to the smallest detail.

Central to the essence of a Statement Glove is a definitive piece that draws all eyes toward you; embellished with studs or crystals, or the bold metallic block.  These gloves aren't limited to formal occasions; they are designed for anyone seeking to exude exceptional style and confidence every day.

Seymoure Statement Gloves are crafted for those who value not only fashion but also the planet. Embrace your individual style with a touch of timeless elegance, knowing that you're supporting sustainable practices and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship. Step into the world of sustainable luxury with the Men's Statement Glove from Seymoure.


Seymoure is more than a brand; it's a symbol of conscious fashion and a commitment to the world we live in.

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